5 Reasons the Check Engine Light is on in your Subaru


The check engine light is often feared, and while you never want to see it come on it's actually doing you and your car a huge favor if it does light up. That little glowing engine is designed to let you know about problems that are have just began onboard your car. Thanks to the illumination of the check engine light you will now have time to get to the auto shop before the trouble gets any worse. These are a few of the most common issues that result in the illumination of the check engine light in Subarus.

Bad Spark Plugs or Wires

Spark plugs that are corroded will cause the engine to misfire. This is not only a huge waste of gas but it will cause your car to run extremely rough, which is why the light will turn on. This is generally a pretty fast and simple repair.

Broken or Loose Gas Cap

If you are lucky the light is on just because you forgot to tighten the gas cap the last time you were at the gas station. If the cap is loose or cracked it can allow fuel vapors to evaporate out of the filler hose. This will trigger the check engine light because you will be losing fuel that you didn't even have a chance to use.

Failed Catalytic Converter

On the other side of the scale is finding out you need a new catalytic converter. This is one of the most spendy parts of any vehicle. However, the light will have likely been on for some time before the converter went bad. This part won't generally fail unless some other part, usually a much cheaper one, was having trouble operating, which would have triggered the light first. In most cases it was the oxygen sensor that was working incorrectly before hand.

O2 Sensor has Failed

The oxygen sensor is in the exhaust system and measure the amount of o2 in the emissions. This helps to determine the correct air and fuel mixture needed for the engine to run properly. If it fails it could result in a massive decrease in fuel efficiency, thus triggering the light.

Bad MAF Sensor

The mass air flow sensor is tasked with measuring incoming air and determining how much of it needs to be mixed with the gasoline to create the right ratio air/fuel mix as well. If this sensor can't do this properly it will result in a poor running engine, illuminating the light.

It is important to get to the repair shop as soon as you notice the check engine light has come on. If you need Subaru check engine light diagnostics in Spokane head to Hopkins Automotive. We are Spokane Subaru repair specialists. No matter what trouble your Subaru is having we can help get you back on the road. Give us a call at (509) 483-3943 to schedule an appointment for subaru repair today.

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Written By Brian Corey

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