Finding a True Subaru Dealership Alternative


When it comes to providing a vehicle with factory scheduled maintenance many people are under the impression that they must go to the dealership to get the service that their vehicle requires. This simply isn't true. By utilizing a true dealership alternative your vehicle will be well-cared for, its warranty maintained (should it be under one), and you'll likely save time and money. In order to find a Subaru dealer alternative when it comes time for service make sure the shop you're interested in recruiting holds the following qualifications.

ASE Certified Technicians

To ensure that only the most qualified hands get under the hood of your vehicle look for ASE certifications. Automotive Service Excellence tests and certifies mechanics to ensure they are competent at their craft. It is not easy to become certified, as it takes many hours of training in all areas of auto maintenance and repair.

AAA Approved

Another thing to look for is an approval from the Automobile Association of America. These approvals don't come lightly and they are only given to shops who demonstrate that they are able to perform quality service at an affordable rate. In many cases, if you're an AAA member, you'll be eligible for even further discounts.

BBB Accredited

Finding a shop that has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau is also a great idea. This means that they are fully licensed, insured and have a good reputation in their community as an operating business.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

When searching for service be sure to ask about the factory maintenance they provide. It is imperative that they can conduct the services in the same manner and using the same replacement parts and fluids as a dealership would in order to maintain your vehicle's warranty and reliability.

Affordable Pricing

Of course to be a true dealership alternative an independent shop needs to be more affordable. This will usually come in the lower per-hour labor rates. However some services may have a flat rate attached to them.

If you're in need of Subaru maintenance in Spokane your dealership alternative is Hopkins Auto Sales & Subaru Repair. With more than 120 years experience between our ASE certified technicians you can trust us to provide high quality service for your vehicle. We utilize state of the art equipment to quickly pinpoint issue when repair is necessary, minimizing your vehicle's downtime. Give us a call at (509) 483-3943 today to make an appointment for professional Subaru repair in Spokane or the surrounding communities.

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Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ