Common Reasons Subarus Fail Emissions Testing


Failing an emissions test can feel like such a disappointment, but it happens quite often. Almost all vehicles in Washington must go through inspection and emissions testing every two years to ensure they are not producing excessive amounts of harmful exhaust and to ensure they are safe to drive (Do all your lights work?). Fortunately, many of the problems that cause vehicles to fail this biannual test are rather inexpensive to fix! Here's a list of 4 of the most common problems that cause vehicles to fail emissions testing.

Bad Fuel Metering

In order to ensure a smooth running vehicle there are sensors that keep track of the amount of fuel that your vehicle uses and under what sort of conditions. If this computerized engine control unit or the fuel injection sensors fail or malfunction in some capacity the car will fail the test become of improper records.

Faulty EVAP System

EVAP, also known as the Evaporative Emission Control System, prevents gasoline vapors from escaping from the car, truck or SUV. This system will malfunction if there is a leak somewhere in the fuel line system, vacuum hoses or if there is a loose, cracked or cracked gas cap. Be sure your gas cap is very secure before having this test completed!

Bad O2 Sensor

The oxygen sensor monitors the exhaust to see how oxygen is being passed through the system in order to help create a proper air/fuel mix for the engine. If it malfunction you may experience overheating, loss of engine power or decreased acceleration and fuel efficiency. Of course the reason it can cause the vehicle to fail emissions is that it may allow for excessive amounts of toxic fumes to be released due to improper monitoring.

Rich Fuel Mixture

High level of carbon monoxide will occur in the exhaust of your vehicle if it is burning excessive amounts of fuel. This can be caused by a bad O2 sensor, Mass Air Flow Sensor or because of leaking fuel injectors.

If you fail an emissions test don't stress about expensive repairs. Many of these sensors can be cleaned and reinstalled or replaced very quickly and affordably, ensuring your car will be 100 percent legal. For Subaru emissions repair in Spokane be sure to visit the Subaru repair experts at Hopkin's Automotive. We offer complete Subaru maintenance in Spokane! Give us a call today at (509) 483-3943 to schedule an appointment or to view our inventory of Subarus for sale in Spokane!

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Written By Brian Corey

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